Multilingual playwrighting course in Palma, Mallorca


The course is FREE to join!

  • Are you a passionate storyteller with a burning desire to bring characters to life and create captivating narratives? Do you dream of exploring the depths of your imagination and seeing your words performed on stage? Look no further! Our Multilingual Playwriting Workshop Series is here to empower your creative journey like never before.

  • our workshop series embraces and celebrates the power of multilingualism. We welcome writers from all linguistic backgrounds, giving you the freedom to express yourself in the language that resonates most deeply with your thoughts and emotions.

  • Within the inspirational city of Palma, Mallorca, we’ve set up shop in “Come In – Palma” an English bookstore situated in the heart of the city that offers a spacious study room along with a small stage, perfect for workshopping!


    So, if you are interested in taking the next step with your writing, and creating a community with like-minded people focused on creating art, then click the link below and sign up! 


Led by an experienced instructor, our workshops are carefully designed to foster a nurturing environment where your ideas flourish and your writing skills reach new heights. Through a dynamic blend of insightful discussions, hands-on exercises, and constructive feedback, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the art of playwriting, honing your ability to craft compelling stories and compelling characters. Your scripts will come alive during our stage readings, allowing you to witness firsthand how your words resonate with audiences, and giving you the opportunity to refine your work based on real-time feedback.