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“Skald” – A poet and storyteller

Our aim as a group of creatives is to produce and perform untold stories from an international perspective, with a broad range of mediums and genre-bending narratives.

Based in York, we seek influence from its rich history to craft compelling stories and uncover the forgotten tales and characters to bring them to life.

Join us on our journey and gather around to share in humanity’s oldest tradition, to tell stories.




R.T.Kolbeinsson(Reginn Tumi Kolbeinsson) is an Icelandic playwright and a graduate of The University of York in Theatre: Writing, directing, and performance.
Reginn has been writing plays for the better half of a decade, taking part in youth theatre back in his home country, including a production at The National Theatre of Iceland. He’s also written, produced, and acted in his own podcast series:


He writes in both his native language of Icelandic and English.

Sam Armstrong


Sam Armstrong is a Theatre-maker from Bolton, with experience directing and managing theatre productions, and working as an instructor. Sam is a Swing Dancer, has a BA in Theatre from the Uni of York, and is currently studying for a research MA in theatre space and community venues in relation to class. He is on the community engagement group at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre.

Sam loves community, immersive, and found-space theatre, and his focus is on a more stylistic theatre with the voice at the heart of meaning-making in rehearsals.

Sophie Schulze

theatre and film practicioner

Sophie Schulze is a German creative with experience in theatre, film, and music. Her previous endeavours include working for a Music Film Production Company in Munich, as well as various roles in student theatre and film productions. She received academic training in music, has a bachelor’s degree in theatre, and is currently working on her master’s film.

It is untold stories that Sophie is passionate about – whether in a historical or contemporary context. She hopes that with ‘Skald’ she will be able to make the usually silent voices heard and bring their stories to life.

Inés ferrer


Inés Ferrer is the illustrator behind the brand @duckandeasel. Originally from Mallorca, Spain, she graduated with a BA in art history from the University of Madrid. Due to her academic background, she likes to incorporate art references into her work, that otherwise revolves around the female form and concepts such as femininity, nature and queerness.

Her personal work and freelance projects have been presented at various events and exhibitions in Spain and the UK. In her collaboration with Skald, she has helped create the group’s branding and visually interpret their stories.

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